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Float Safety & Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for float enteries. Floats will be inspected by our Event Safety Officer on day of the event.

  • All floats must be inspected by operators before use, all loads secure. Decorative material used on parade floats shall be flame resistant.

  • A minimum of one (1) A multipurpose (ABC) fire extinguisher shall be provided for each float. The fire extinguisher must be located in an accessible location, be currently certified and maintained in operable condition and present at the time of float inspections.

  • A generator or battery must power all electrical appliances.

  • All wiring and wiring connections must be located where they are not exposed to physical damage, secured to float and maintained in a safe condition.

  • All generators must be uncovered and exhaust discharge not located within 3 feet of combustible materials.

  • Generators shall not be located in enclosed spaces or the passenger compartment of vehicles. (Ex. Hatchback vehicles with the hatch open in not an approved location for a gas-powered generator).

  • All heat sources (lights etc.) must be located away from all combustible materials.

  • Safety chains must be affixed to the float and towing vehicle. Chains must be present and affixed at the time of float inspection.

  • No open flames are permitted on floats or vehicles.

  • Individuals riding on the float must be situated in a secure location, (Seated or provided with a secure handhold e.g. railing, pole, handle).

  • A slow moving vehicle “reflective triangle” sign must be affixed to the rear of the float in an easily visible location.

  • Normal unobstructed vision to the front, sides and rear of the towing vehicle must be provided to the vehicle operator.

  • All safety devices must be in place and operational at check in time

  • Drivers of vehicles must ensure that all vehicles and floats can safely pass under any overhead power cables.

  • Riders may not mount or dismount the float or tow vehicle when it is in motion.

  • Children riding on floats should be supervised by an adult.

  • Riders may not stand, jump, dance or dangle any body part over the edge when the float is in motion.

  • Rider seats must be secured to the float deck.

So that you and all of the parade participants and viewers will have a safe and

enjoyable day, we need to go through a few Safety Rules for the event.

Vehicles – Any truck or vehicle in the parade need to:

• be in good working order and roadworthy;

• have a vehicle excise license (taxed);

• have tyres in good condition;

• have working turning indicators and lights;

• be fully insured and evidence of this and able to provide evidence.

Float Safety & Design Guidance

  • All floats must be ready for a safety inspection prior to the parade departure

  • time.

  • Any floats that fail inspection or do not arrive on time will not be permitted in the procession.

  • All motorised vehicles must be road legal, insured and have a current NCT test or similar if applicable to that type of vehicle.

  • Vehicles must not have their lights and indicators obstructed by décor.

  • Any generators must be DIESEL, secured away from reach of children, and safely fastened to the float, earthed, and RCD protected.

  • Any generators privately hired are required to produce a valid electrical safety certificate. Failure to do so could mean exclusion from the parade. These documents must be made available at the safety inspection.

  • All electrical equipment is required to have valid electrical safety certification.

  • No naked flames will be allowed on the vehicle.

  • If participants are riding on the floats, safety railings must be fitted to trucks that meet the satisfaction of the Event Safety Advisor.

  • All décor and items to be securely fixed.

  • No objects should protrude which cause the potential to injure persons in or around the vehicle.

  • Materials and fabrics should be fire-proofed and/or have the relevant fire certification.

  • CO2 or Powder fire extinguishers need to be located on each float.

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